We are inviting you to meet downtown…


It’s not only the charming storefronts, hidden culinary gems, and ocean views that make downtown Victoria an inviting place to meet; it’s people – people like you and people like business owners – that bring energy and life to our streets.

Downtown Victoria is the place our businesses choose to meet every day. It’s where they meet customers, opportunities, and challenges, too. Where businesses meet our community and hopefully soon, where we will meet you.


Despite the pandemic, new businesses are popping up and thriving. Our long-standing business owners are excited to welcome these new faces to the neighbourhood.

Meet some of the people behind downtown Victoria’s new businesses:


Meet Vanessa and Cory from Victoria Market Collective

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Meet Makara and Linda from Good Vibe Space:

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Meet Temperance and Scott from Burger Crush

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Meet Vikki Drummond from Vikki Drummond Art

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Meet Tim from Citrus and Cane

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Meet Israel from MAiiZ Nixtamal

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Meet Ila from Barber and Fritz

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Meet Rudy from Friends of Dorothy

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Meet Tarn from Dumpling Drop:

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Meet Taylor from Cultured Swine Barbershop:

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Meet Mackenzie from Upcycle Clothing Collective:

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And, meet some of the not-so-new faces behind downtown small businesses:


Meet Lili from The Dancing Lily:

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Meet Jared from JagaSilk:

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Meet Rebecca from Farm + Field Butchers:

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Meet Tess from Aegean Cafe:

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Meet Kurt from Guitars Plus:

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Meet Natalie from Stir It Up:

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We can’t stress this enough: local businesses keep our friends and families employed and our city vibrant, but they will not survive without our support. If we all order from Amazon now, Amazon will be the only business left after the pandemic is over.