*Downtown Delivers for retailers has finished. Downtown Delivers for restaurants ended April 19.  Thank you for supporting local businesses, and please continue to do so!*


What is Downtown Delivers?

Downtown Delivers is a program that subsidizes delivery fees through specific partners making deliveries from downtown retailers free.

As of December 21, this program now subsidizes delivery fees for orders made through, making the delivery free for customers and downtown restaurants alike.


Is every downtown retailer or Restaurant participating in Downtown Delivers?

No. All businesses in the downtown core – within the DVBA boundary – are eligible to utilize Downtown Delivers. However, it is up to the businesses whether they choose to participate. Connect directly with retailers to find out whether they are offering free shipping through Downtown Delivers.  Check the Tutti app or connect with your favourite restaurants to see if they are offering free delivery.


I don’t live in central Victoria, will I get free delivery?

If you live in the region of Sooke to Sidney, Downtown Delivers is available. However, depending on the delivery partner of the retailer you are shopping with, there may be exceptions. One of the delivery partners working with Downtown Delivers is a bike cargo company, they cannot deliver to the farther municipalities. Check with the business, they can confirm your free delivery.

Downtown restaurants that are participating will be listed on the Tutti app. They will be able to provide free delivery within 20 km (straight line distance).

Note: For meal deliveries, orders further than 20km away (straight line distance) and orders under $5 are still charged a delivery fee. When using the app, you will see a delivery fee listed until the delivery address is confirmed to be within 20km and the order total is above $5; then the delivery fee will no longer be applied. 


I’m a business owner/operator, do I qualify for Downtown Delivers?

If you are a member of the DVBA, you qualify for Downtown Delivers. If you are not sure about your membership status, email


I’m a DVBA member business, how do I take advantage of Downtown Delivers?

Downtown businesses can email for information on how to subscribe to Downtown Delivers.


Which delivery Companies are partners for Downtown Delivers?

We are working with three local delivery companies to offer free local delivery:

  1. Maximum Express
  2. NomadEx Bike Cargo
  3. GeaZone Eco-Courier

We have partnered with Tutti, a local food service delivery company, to manage restaurant deliveries.


I still have questions. Who can I contact for answers?

Email and we will be happy to clarify questions about the program and help you get free delivery!


Is My Favourite business offering free shipping?

Each downtown business decided for themselves whether they want to participate in this program.