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Paying homage to the timeless art of the beauty ritual, Barber and Fritz is the culmination of experience - a dynasty of recipes procured from every corner of the globe.

Our collection of lotions, potions, creams, rinses, tonics, waters, washes and primaries are hand bottled and cultivated in small, locally produced batches.

A nod to our great grandparents and the simple abundance of recipes that have withstood the measure of time; this is the pomade used by rum runners and the hair rinse of Egyptian queens. These are the ingredients of courtship, from your great Aunts kitchen in Paris to the World’s finest apothecaries.

Inspired by glass bottles, rich butters, exotic spices and inherited secrets. Barber and fritz promises to be the most exquisite, ridiculously opulent indulgence to have ever graced those tender strands. Discover your ritual. Adorne yourself. Fall in love.

Not just a product.
Not mass produced, or corporately owned.

Barber and Fritz.................a love story

561 Johnson Street, Suite 108
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1M2