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The DVBA is committed to helping bring downtown Victoria to life. As a business association, we provide a variety of services and support to more than 1400 members to become more successful downtown.

We work closely with the city of Victoria, and ensure voice our members’ perspectives and concerns are heard. We also offer a range of financial assistance through our grant programs

—the Clean, Safe & Sustainable Grant and or the Marketing & Event Grants.

One of our most popular services is the calendar of events, #1 in Victoria, which exclusively features events happening downtown. We promote the calendar of events on behalf of our members, with close to a quarter million visitors consulting our site in 2017. You can view events here or add downtown events here.

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Bus. Bike. Walk. Boat. How to Arrive & Shop Downtown Victoria

Shopping downtown Victoria is always a fun outing, with lots of discoveries & eats for everyone. Whether you want to bus (maybe on a city double decker?) BYO bike or rent one from U-Bikes, use a car share like Modo, or enjoy the city on foot, the options are there. Check out our quick reference guide for a refresher on all the fun and sustainable ways to #ArriveAndShop in downtown Victoria.

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Parking downtown: it’s easier than you think.

Top 4 Resources to Find Parking Downtown

About the DVBA

We are a small team of dedicated professionals, working hard to support and promote downtown Victoria. Whether you live here, work here, or are visiting, welcome. It's a beautiful, happening place, and it's only getting better.

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