Downtown Victoria Business Association

Virtual Annual General Meeting

October 8, 2020

9 am – 11 am


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year for DVBA members and downtown.  We have created a page on our website to highlight our main accomplishments over the past year: We ask that you review each section. Events such as Small Business Month 2019 and Lights of Wonder 2019 were major successes. Our Clean Team continued to shine as our most popular member-facing service.

We shifted quickly at the onset of COVID-19 to prioritize supporting our members from survival to recovery. Our Save the Sales campaign has been hugely successful. We will be continuing to create marketing campaigns throughout the rest of the year to bring customers back downtown.

Finally, the DVBA has been at the forefront of advocacy for you, our members. On issues from federal relief programs to the removal of campers in Centennial Square, we have been amplifying your voices to statutory decision-makers.

You set our priorities, and so we need to hear from you as we navigate this “new normal”. Please feel free to contact Jeff with comments, questions, concerns, or kudos to our team at  or 250-386-2239.


The quorum to conduct AGM business is 15 voting members.

This year to conform with provincial safety guidelines we are holding our AGM via Zoom; For Login Details email

Register as a Voting Member

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To vote at the Annual General Meeting, you must be a downtown property owner or tenant.  (If two or more people own the same real property or are tenants with the same retail premises, Voting Membership will only be granted to one of the property owners or tenants, with the consent of the other owners or tenants.)

Submit your Voting Member Registration Form today. It’s easy to fill out online. By registering as a voting member, you have a say in the DVBA’s future activities and direction. Please email completed forms to

Proxy Votes

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A voting member of the Downtown Victoria Business Association is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his or her behalf. A person who is a proxy holder must also be a voting member of the association. To appoint a proxy, please complete this form.

Email your completed and signed proxies to 

Proxy Votes Deadline

Proxies must be received by end of day October 5, 2020, to be valid at the Annual General Meeting.

Audited Financial Statements

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Obara & Company, the appointed auditors of the Downtown Victoria Business Association, have reviewed the financial records of our organization to December 31, 2019.  Audited statements can be requested by email to

Board of Directors and Call for Nominations

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As prescribed by our by-laws, each member of the Board is elected for a two-year period. The terms of six members of the Board come up for renewal every year. This year, the Board respectfully presents the following slate of candidates for the position of Director on the Board of DVBA. These individuals have the confidence of the Board because of their demonstrated commitment to the health and vitality of our downtown.


Nominated for election to the Board:

Stephanie Hartwig – Lore General Store.  Nominated by Mo Jessa (Robbins Parking) and Teri Hustins (Oscar & Libby’s).


Nominations are now closed.

Proposed Budget 2021

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2021 Proposed Budget:


BIA Levy $1,131,399.00
TOTAL INCOME                                                  $1,131,399.00     (100%)
Administration $395,989.66         (35%)
Clean & Safe & Sustainable $203,651.82          (18%)
Marketing $265,878.76         (23%)
Events $265,878.76         (23%)
TOTAL EXPENSE                $1,128,520.24  (99.7%)
SURPLUS $2,878.76