The DVBA Clean Team

The DVBA’s Clean Team complements the City’s efforts to keep our Downtown clean. They are on duty from 8 am until 4 pm every weekday. They clean, safely dispose of drug paraphernalia, and remove graffiti from private properties in downtown Victoria.

In 2017 alone, The Clean Team:

  • Collected 32,400 lbs of litter
  • Safely disposed of 3271 needles
  • Removed 6400 graffiti tags

Team members also supervise community work service placements of individuals sentenced through the Victoria Integrated Court. Primarily composed of people who have, or have had, barriers to employment, the Clean Team has a sensitivity and understanding that informs where drug paraphernalia may be found, where graffiti tags are, and where people may be camping.


How to Reach the Clean Team

Call us at 250-386-2238 or email Rob Caunter, Clean Team Manager at

*If the Clean Team is unable to remove the graffiti using their chemicals, they will offer alternative graffiti removal options – including providing the free labour to paint over the tag if your business/property provides the paint. Call our team today.


Weekend Service

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On the weekend, should you encounter a mess on the public portion of the sidewalk in from your business, here is how you contact the City of Victoria to come and rectify the situation:

  • Call Public Works at 250-361-0400.
  • Report online by fill out a request, here.
  • Use the ConnectVictoria App to submit a Request for Service.  Download the app here.